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Ozone segregated

Ozone Forex offers segregated accounts service to its client which provides protection of the client’s capital from risks of any force majeure circumstances related to the company’s activity. As the name suggests in "the segregated account" clients’ funds are stored separately from funds of the company. There are better standard of safety guarantee for client’s funds establishing the segregated accounts under some defined principle that may vary from a service provider to another.

The client orders service of segregated account and sends all the requested documents. After the owner of a segregated trading account can store from his/her deposit on bank account or on the account of an authorized representative. So, he/she is able to make operations with the full deposited sum while the safe margin is enough.

The system of segregated accounts provides full protection to its clients and guarantees funds safety which is as high as on your bank’s account. The minimum sum of deposit for segregated account.